About Johnnie Mac

Johnnie Mac is a singer-songwriter from Boston, Mass whose sound embodies elements from Roots-Americana, blues, old country, and rock. From boyhood he was always inspired and loved anything cowboys, country, and the wild west. He has had a passion for all things music from a very young age, and is a walking encyclopedia of musical history. His lyrics tell the tales of the ups and downs of a life well lived.

He currently spends spring–fall in New England, with a residency at The Plough and Stars in Boston on the first Saturday of every month featuring his band, Johnnie Mac and The Local Forecast.

Johnnie Mac travels to Chile every winter where he teaches music and carpentry to children at Las Mulas Summer Camp. He also spends time in Santa Cruz, California with his daughter and her family, where he enjoys playing at JJ's saloon and The Ugly Mug. In recent years he has been driving across the USA every fall and spring, playing gigs and busking along the way in places like Telluride, Tucson, Austin, Nashville, The Florida Keys, and many more.

Johnnie Mac has a street wisdom and unbreakable spirit that that fuel his soul-stirring songs... The hard-fought scars and hard-earned triumphs that represent his life run throughout these emotionally gritty, completely unpretentious tunes.
— Steve Morse: Boston Globe Corespondent and WBOS Radio Host